Hybrid - 2019 interior trends

There’s no better time to breathe new life into your home interior than when the seasons being to change from the frosts of winter to the blossoms of spring. Natural light begins to reappear in abundance and flood our homes, giving us the perfect platform to show off our delectable décor in all its glory.

But the key to implementing a newly-inspired interior style into your home is ensuring the designs and colours you opt for are on-trend for the year ahead, not the year just gone.

Spotlighting five key trends for 2019, Paula Taylor, resident colour and trends specialist at Graham & Brown shares the movements that will form the backdrop to the UK’s leading wallpaper manufacturer’s new collections to inspire your home’s décor in 2019.


Kabuki feature wall - 2019 interior trends

Tiru, the Graham & Brown Colour of the Year 2019, is a bold teal tone inspired by the Kabuki design theme, the title of which refers to an elaborate form of Japanese dance drama. The Kabuki trend represents an oscillation between the serene and the theatrical, and in the home it inspires a harmonious balance of flamboyant elements.


The nomadic lifestyle trend has infused interiors with diverse global design influences. The relaxed, eclectic look combines warm tones of terracotta, mustard and coral with traditional pattern-making techniques borrowed from across the world.

Transformation feature wall - 2019 interior trends


Lagom feature wall - 2019 interior trends

‘Lagom’ is a Swedish concept referring to a contentment in moderation. Translated as ‘just the right amount’, ‘lagam’ is thought to embody frugality, fairness and balance. Uncluttered lines and simple forms are paired with a subtle colour palette that uses shadows and highlights to define shape and texture.


Hybrid feature wall - 2019 interior trends

An increase in digital activity has seen a resurgence in the appreciation of natural forms, we are seeing botanical designs becoming bolder, with rich colours and striking flashes of metallic. A new generation of products are forming, referencing the hyper-connectivity of the digital age and merging varying visual styles, encompassing stylised botanical forms and bold geometric pattern to create fantastical design hybrids.


The Lifecycle trend looks to rework traditional materials with pattern and texture. Iridescent colours, and composites resulting from recycling and reshaping structures are crucial to this look.

Lifecycle feature wall - 2019 interior trends

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