Bringing a different edge to a home’s interior, geometric patterns are becoming popular in the décor industry. Yet using this striking design within a home can prove challenging, due to its bold bravura.

Introducing geometric organics in your living space

Inspired by zigzagging lines and asymmetrical shapes, geometric patterns use colour and linear design to create a modernist aesthetic for a décor with a difference. This style isn’t for everyone – it’s about having a different attitude towards design, a more unconventional ethos.

Geometric furniture

For a geometric-inspired décor, your furnishings must meet the ideology of zigzag lines and asymmetrical shapes. It’s not about having sofas, wardrobes and desks in obtuse angles and harsh lines – the basics of this style is having a geometric item that effortlessly entwines itself into the rest of your décor.

Geometric table - Introducing geometric organics in your living space

Your lounge space can be reinvigorated with asymmetrical design to fit this new décor trend. Confine the traditional coffee table to the past, and bring a new geometric-inspired stand to your living space – this table from Maisons Du Monde is a perfect example of modern design.

Choose furniture with geometric influences like mirrors or bookshelves to bring that impactfully subtle style to a room. Accent your bookshelf with pops of colour in varying hues and shapes, and pair with accessories to create a kaleidoscope-esque visual. A convex mirror too adds a contemporary touch to a room with traditional furnishings and can help to extend your geometric theme.

Adapting your lighting offering is a simple way incorporate geometric design to your décor. For a soft introduction, choose a table lamp or swap your ceiling fittings out for an asymmetrical-inspired fixture – the distinct lack of shades on these metal frames will give an industrial edge to your geometric interior.

Soft furnishings and accessories  

Geometric rug - Introducing geometric organics in your living space

Breathing modern design in your home doesn’t have to be about statement furnishings. Subtle geometric patterns can be added in your décor through softer accessories and furnishings to bring a space to life

The bold lines of the Scion Viso rug, available at John Lewis, are the epitome of geometric design. The simple two-tone colour scheme is subtle, yet the irregular linear pattern is visually striking and embodies everything about this geometric movement – it’s about standing out, but not being brash. For a rug that brings strong geometric vibes to your interior, be inspired by the Bloomsbury at Habitat, a hand-tuffed multi-coloured statement piece.

Sideboard and rug- Introducing geometric organics in your living space

For a gentle introduction, opt for a throw blanket or have scatter cushions emblazoned with geometric prints. Trinkets and ornaments inspired by the geometric movement are a simple way to bring the style into your home too, without a major commitment.

Feature walls

Away from furnishings and accessories, make your walls an extension of your geometric ethos. Zigzag designs on the wall break up the symmetry of a space to create a more relaxed, laid-back vibe.

Feature wall - Introducing geometric organics in your living space

Going four-walled geometric print may be eccentrically over the top, but in the right space, opting for a patterned feature wall is an interior must. It’s about choosing the style of geometrics wisely to meet your décor style – a simple black and white geometric wallpaper can add a subtle ambience, whereas retro-inspired paper will bring a different dimension to your home.

For a modern aesthetic in your home, accent your interior with geometric patterns. Be it a subtle throw pillow or a statement lamp, this style is guaranteed to add dynamism to your décor.