Get interior inspiration with these three décor tips from John Lewis

Our house, it’s our castle and our keep. It’s a place where we can express our opinions and personality through interior choices – spaces are catered to what we want by using colours, furnishings and fixtures.

Yet along with our own wants comes the need to stay on-trend and keep our homes feeling refreshed and revigorated. Décor can become outdated and underwhelming with the emergence of new styles, so staying on top of what looks good and would work well in your space is key.

To give you a little direction for 2019, John Lewis has given us three must-follow tips to breathe a new lease of life into your home for the year ahead.

Tip one: And it was all yellow

Stylish and sophisticated, Gen Z yellow is set to be the uplifting hue of the season. Introduce this zesty shade by bringing sumptuous throws, comfortable cushions and stylish home accessories, in the must-have hue, into your home.

Gen Z yellow - Get interior inspiration with these three décor tips from John Lewis

Sure to create an impact, as well as a sunny disposition, add a warm yellow paint to your walls and offset with marble and brass accents for a refreshingly modern and balanced look. Whether it’s through subtle yellow accents, or the prominent all-over application, yellow will add a refreshing burst of sunshine to your living space.

Tip two: The rebirth of rugs

In an interior era of wooden and tiled floors, accents are brought to our spaces through using rugs and mats. Rugs are an integral part of any room, bringing décor together and adding texture and warmth. Crafted using a variety of textiles, from soft wools and sumptuous velvets to hardwearing jutes and statement cowhides, rugs will make the perfect underfoot finishing touch.

Maximalist rug - Get interior inspiration with these three décor tips from John Lewis A huge style positive of the rug is that there isn’t a ‘one solution fits all’ answer to incorporating it in your home. You can choose a pattern, colour or size to fit your space’s needs, and this added interior inspiration on your floors can add an entirely new dimension to your home – a rug can be as powerful as a striking wallpaper or statement furnishings.

Tip three: Maximalist outlook

John Lewis’ AW18 collections respond to the rising trend towards maximalist interiors. Growing in popularity across social platforms and design shows, maximalist décor is an ‘aesthetic of excess’ and a way of bringing personality into the home. Vibrant velvet upholstery, striking geometric floor coverings and opulent metallic accents make maximalism the most exciting trend of the season.

Expect maximalism to be one of the breakthrough looks for 2019 and John Lewis can see customers are already beginning to get behind the trend by investing in bold and bright pieces for their homes. Maximalism is not necessarily about overcrowding a space but choosing to be bold by showcasing your own unique style in a creative way.

Carefully considered mixing and matching of colours, prints and textures is key to achieving the look, and. it’s the perfect opportunity to layer designs and blend references. A good example would be combining a contemporary drinks trolley with tropical, vintage wallpaper for a refined glamour that celebrates old and new style.


To stay on-trend, sometimes you need to look ahead of the trend. The zesty hue of Gen Z yellow is a favourite of ours and will be a firm feature of interiors in 2019, but staying ahead of the curve with a SS 2020 palate will keep your home décor looking fresher, for longer.

Citrusy yellows will be swapped out for a far more mellow shade, bringing a subtler colour to your décor – fruit-themed colours aren’t all out that, with the melon-inspired cantaloupe providing the perfect tone for pops of brightness around the home. Neo-mint and purist blue give a modernist allure to traditional colours, whilst the lilac-infused cassis will add a calming ambience to any living space.