Keeping your home on-trend as the seasons change can seem an arduous task. But, in reality, it needn’t be one. Through introducing new hues to your décor – be it as big as redecorating a whole room, or as little as adding a few pops of colour with bold accessories – you can create an ambient abode you’ll be happy to hibernate in.

Saturated colour - AW18 trends

Here, we’ve looked at three of the colour trends that will take us through the colder months, and colour specialist Kathryn Lloyd has given her insights on the right colour scheme for your home.


“Saturated is a celebration of our earth, seen through the lens of a camera. The colours are intensified, as if manipulated by digital filters, and each shade appears transfused to create something seemingly unreal. Vivid greens, saturated reds, burnt oranges and an intense blue come together in an energetic palette that shows complete disregard for the rules.”

This trend is all about getting those bold and potentially clashing colours together in one space to create a synthetic jungle. It’s not about including every colour on the spectrum, throwing it into a space and hoping it works. Firstly, find the colours you want to have in your scheme – burnt orange might not be for everyone, so don’t feel pressured into using it.

Saturated colour - AW18 trends

Then, it’s about choosing how to add those pops of colour into your décor. This comes mainly down to how far you want to go with adopting the Saturated trend. For subtle introductions, use the bold palettes to add throw cushions or quirky ornament to your space, or choosing a lamp fixture of fitting that works with the décor. If you want to go bigger, an intensified feature wall is the best avenue to take – the eye-catching beauty of it will be an inspired interior choice.

KL: “Bold primary and secondary colours sit side by side and combined with complementary vertical lines, dynamic and vibrant spaces are created. This influence has its roots in heavily-filtered photography where reality is distorted.”


“Washed captures the faded artist’s studio of a bygone age, where paint and ceramics echo the organic world. The palette takes its inspiration from faded fabrics and bleached linens, anchored with chalky, earthy tones.”

Washed colour - AW18 trends

A palette of muted hues, this trend creates a space for reflection and relaxation. It’s about embracing the natural beauty of weathered, eroded surfaces, and blending together rich textures and soft tones. Think soft sage or a dusty pink for your walls, effortlessly blending into one another to create a luxurious watercolour aesthetic.

Gentle introductions can be brought through soft furnishing – a throw for your sofa, a pair of curtains or a rug are perfect for a washed hue. In the dining space, a faded table cloth will add that on-trend feel – it’s not too much, but it’s enough to bring out the ambience of the Washed look. Pottery too is key as a decorative feature to complement this colour trend.

KL: “This influence stems from society’s increasing desire to ensure a sustainable future. Organic shapes and form represent our need for locally sourced products.”

Midnight Garden

“All is quiet in the midnight garden, with only a rustle of leaves and a gentle breeze to suspend the precious silence.  The diverse palette owes thanks to the evening shadows, revealing a varied spectrum that changes throughout the night. The inky blues of the night sky are rippled with a faded denim that cuts through the dark mass like a vein of marble.”

Instantly atmospheric – these dark tones can give a sense of grandeur to any room – large or small. The colours can be used in abundance to bring a moody-esque ambience to your space, whether it’s through soft furnishings or by creating feature walls.

Midnight Garden colour - AW18 trends

The colours of the Midnight Garden would work effortlessly in a dining room. Partner a rich navy paint with dark wood furnishings and plum-coloured touches through accents and accessories to a create a cosy feel. This palette works just as well in the bedroom, with a two-tone painted wall and a marbled blue bedding set.

KL: “Reflecting nature at night time, Midnight Garden is moody and atmospheric. Warming plums and tonal navy blues are softened with wispy lilacs and neutral greys to make a cosy winter scheme.