Ibiza, a location more associated with all-night raving than art deco panache – or so you’d think. A far cry from hectic hedonism the island is perhaps stereotyped with, the Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel uses the colours and kitsch of the 1970’s Miami art deco renaissance to create a tranquil holiday retreat.

From the décor to the eclectic art exhibits, the hotel is the epitome of retro chic and a cultivating hotspot for those looking to absorb the best of both weather and culture.

Your journey back to a bygone era begins as soon as you arrive at the hotel. Formerly a block of uninspired holiday apartments, Ilmiodesign – a Madrid-based Italian design studio – has taken note of the classic art deco style and breathed life into what once was an unenthused façade.

Now, pink hues coat the exterior (a colour at the heart of everything the hotel does), whilst the curve-edged balconies offer guests viewpoints out onto the idyllic San Antonio coastline. Perhaps most striking are the four vertical fins, standing two either side of the Paradiso sign – designed in a Gatsby-esque typography, befitting of the era’s lavish bravura.

Exterior shot - Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel wants to inspire its guests and “offer an artistic experience in which you are the protagonist” – with the Zero Suite showcasing this attitude in an abundance. This ‘live art exhibit’ encourages international artists to undertake “mini-residencies” staying inside a glass-enclosed room in the hotel’s lobby and create pieces of art within the bright yellow area. Any other hotel and this would seem perplexing – but not here, it fits the ethos.

The lobby also acts as the hotel’s gallery, hosting three exhibitions during the peak season, and an Art Library allows guests to browse contemporary works year-round – a programme led by artists Iñaki Domingo and Diana Kunst. Even without the art work, the lobby’s mosaic pink tiles and bright red banquette are almost gallery-worthy on their own.

Lobby - Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

It’s the simple things that add to the vibe, like each floor of the hotel being decorated in a different colour – you wouldn’t notice if someone hadn’t told you, it’s a subtle design choice. Archizoom-inspired neon lights are a focal feature throughout the interior too.

The bedrooms’ décor changes slightly depending on the suite you opt for, but the colours, shapes and chromatics across the board wouldn’t look out of place in a Wes Anderson film. Continuing on the creative ethos, each room has unique work hanging from the walls, perfectly complementing the dramatic 70s-inspired furnishings and high-spec modern-day accompaniments, such as a Marshall speaker and Smeg fridge.

Bedroom - Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel

Taking inspiration from a Miami beach rendezvous, the hotel’s roof terrace is its crowning glory. The pale pink tones seen throughout the interior continue, whilst cabanas and loungers surround two rectangular swimming pools. A quintessence of art deco, the circular bar with ‘Paradiso’ emblazoned on the top welcomes guests to take a barstool and relax, and those looking for a bite to eat can enjoy the art-inspired menu at Andy’s, covering everything from steak and chips, to tofu and quinoa.

The hotel’s aim is to “surprise you, seduce you and make you fall in love so that you return again and again to the Paradiso”. With this unique oasis of chic 70s character, don’t bet against it.

Lobby - Paradiso Ibiza Art Hotel