UnSUBURBIA is different to the everyday lifestyle. It’s about exploring the new and the alternative to bring a unique concept to your way of life. It’s about being curious to learn and discover new things through new experiences.

UnSUBURBIA is for those passionate about green living.

It’s for those who are adventurous and ambitious.

It’s for those who seek a healthy lifestyle.

It’s for those who care about the local community.

It’s for those who know it’s important to be an individual and not just part of a crowd.

It’s for those who are different by design.

It’s for those who have an UnSUBURBAN mindset.

Our UnSUBURBIA publication is curated to interest, inspire and engage with a blend of thought-provoking articles and content for the more discerning reader.


Our editorial team has great experience within the property sector and has a wealth of knowledge in creating content around lifestyle, design, place and technology. This combined skillset has built the perfect team to curate content for an UnSUBURBAN audience.


If you’re a brand, writer or journalist who wishes to contribute an article or are interested in featuring within an article on UnSUBURBIA, please contact unsuburbia@brand8pr.com and send a pitch/synopsis disclosing full details on your proposed article.


UnSUBURBIA is a concept devised by Kirkstall Forge, a new development by British property developer CEG. With a record of developing extremely close relationships with its occupiers, CEG saw that more people were looking for the buzz of city centre life without the hassle and lack of facilities and nature.

Over the last decade, the acquisition of sites to potentially meet that need has been underway, and the concept of UnSUBURBIA is now becoming a reality.